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Connect with your Guides

This is not a consultation

The messages of your guides and your guardian angel are a common thread in your life path

The messages will allow you to be enlightened on your way by advice, keys.

They are a guidance, a magical moment filled with love, benevolence, precious advice to better discover and reconnect to the depths of oneself.

Connectez vous à vos guides

The messages of your guides and your guardian angel, are transmitted to you through me by channel and which I transcribe in the form of digital mail

(pdf format, this is a service by written exchanges only.)

You can ask for a general message if you do not have a specific expectation, or a message concerning a situation, a particular problem or an area of your life.

The information that will be found there may shed light on certain points, but also neutral, benevolent advice, encouragement... with the aim of bringing you more clarity in your situation.


The messages are a common thread, advice, insights...

They serve as guidance.


The information you receive will have a deep, conscious or unconscious significance.


You can at any time of your life ask them for messages

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How to book

Nothing's easier:


Just let me know once your purchase has been made using the form below (contact)

  • Your Surname and First Name

  • Your date of birth

  • Your birth place

It is essential to communicate this information to me.

DEADLINE :  5 days upon receipt of your payment and your information to receive your message.


Connectez vous à vos guides


Thank you for what you sent !

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