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soin energetique guidance- blocage

Guidance Energy Treatment


Personnels  et/ou  Professionnels

Cette séance vous permettra d'avancer et de dépasser tous vos blocages, de créer des changements et prises de conscience.

Mais également de remettre l’énergie stagnante en mouvement.

This treatment helps to put stagnant energy back in motion. The energy then begins to circulate freely in your body, which allows you to release blockages and create changes and awareness.

This is a list given as an indication of the areas on which I have to work in session. Each session is unique and personal, and adjusted to each individual.

( non-exhaustive list)

  • well-being on all levels. 

  • a balance between body, soul and spirit,

  • physical, mental and emotional well-being.

  • release of karmic blockages

  • releasing blockages preventing you from moving forward 

  • release of past wounds

  • the release of the grips, your fears, your negative memories, your obsolete patterns...

  • release of emotional blockages

  • harmonize and balance the energy centers of the body (chakras)

  • Foster personal transformation.

  • (etc....)

Following this treatment, messages, keys and tools will be sent to you to help you:

  • Evolve in your personal path (spiritual, professional, relational...), 

  • Overcome your blockages

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Help you understand your thought patterns, why you keep repeating the same mistakes,

  • How to Accept Your Emotions

  • How to react differently when faced with a stressful situation...

The method used is adapted according to the sensitivity of the person consulting and their needs.

Lors de la séance des messages, des clés, des outils vous seront transmis pour vous aider à:

  • Évoluer dans votre chemin personnel (spirituel, professionnel, relationnel...), 

  • Dépasser vos blocages,

  • Améliorer votre qualité de vie

  • Vous aider à comprendre vos schémas de pensées, pourquoi vous répétez toujours les mêmes erreurs,

  • Comment accepter vos émotions

  • Comment réagir différemment face à une situation stressante…

La méthode utilisée est adaptée en fonction de la sensibilité de la personne qui consulte et de ses besoins

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What is a G uidance?

Guidance is a channeled message from guides.

Guidance allows you to shed light on what is blocking you...

Advice, keys will be communicated to you so that you can highlight your full potential and also understand the difficulties you may encounter 

Channeled messages are always filled with love and kindness


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