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Adult energy treatment

The care is received at any age, at any period of your life that seems difficult to you.

This treatment invites you to receive and welcome the vital energy to relieve all your ailments, whether physical, psychic or emotional.

The benefits of energy healing are numerous. Find your full potential, be centered and anchored in your life, let this beneficial energy flow. You will be able to restore the energy circulation of your body and your mind.

non-exhaustive list

  • headaches, migraines

  • Energy rebalancing

  • bad feeling

  • hormonal problems

  • Burns

  • joint or muscle pain, tendonitis

  • inflammation (back pain, teeth, gums, etc.)

  • skin problems: psoriasis, warts, eczema

  • digestive problems

  • allergies

  • depression

  • insomnia, fatigue, stress, phobias, anxiety...

  • organic; pain in a specific organ (intestinal, liver, etc.)

  • chronic pain 

  • Support your medical treatment:   Reduce side effects (burns related to radiotherapy and chemotherapy...)

  • Improve its efficiency

  • be calm before an operation

  • Better recovery (after injury, accident, surgery)

  • Do health prevention (season changes, immunity, sport...) ​

Reminder: For some problems, a single energy session may be enough. For others, several spaced sessions will be necessary.

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