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My journey

My name is Olympe THIANT , I am   energetic healer and medium .

Medium by birth, I have the ability to see and speak to energies, to the deceased, to hear their messages and to transmit them.


I have always had the ability since my childhood to perform healing by laying my hands on others.

I combine my mediumistic abilities with my energy practice during my sessions.


However, I do not use my mediumship to predict your future because it is you who are the actor and the architect.

I felt it was necessary for me to feel in tune with myself. 

I wanted to feel good in my sneakers!!   I am different and well I am ME.  

We are all different and fortunately!! 

Know one thing, we all have the right to feel good in our sneakers and to be happy.

Then one day, my spirit guides gave me a message. 

The one that it was time for me to put my gift at the service of others, that of healer, companion

And there, I was able to reveal even more who I was and what I was destined for!!

The teaching they bring me is linked to divine energies, I am the channel between heaven and earth.

My career has evolved and I started with the practice of Reiki Usui and Lahochi .

Since then, the opening of my energy channel has developed even more.

I was then able to become a Reiki Usui Master Teacher, and a Lahochi Practitioner Teacher.

Today I define myself as a companion in order to guide you for your better being:


But don't forget,  You are the actor of your life path , you alone are the master of your life, your free will is essential.

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Image de Amy Shamblen

My approach

My approach is centered on the person and their overall well-being:

physical, mental, emotional.

Energy care is always done in unconditional love, la  benevolence and the greatest respect for everyone

I accompany you in your healing and your personal development.

My goals are: Relieve and Harmonize your being, your soul and your spirit

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