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Path of Life Reconnection Treatment

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Communiquer et écouter son âme, va vous aider dans vos choix,  vos décisions, surtout si vous avez peur de vous tromper ou de mal faire et si vous manquez de confiance en vous.

Vous serez en mesure de lui poser des questions H24 7j/7 et obtenir des réponses claires

J'activerai en vous un outil qui est le Pendule Intérieuril sera pour vous,un procédé de communication avec votre âme

Il s'agit d'un signal de communication corporel clair Oui/Non avec votre âme, que vous pourrez utiliser chaque jour durant.


How many times have you said to yourself:
“If I had listened to myself, I would not have had this problem”

Write down the number of times you should have listened to yourself and the number of times you listened to yourself and everything went perfectly

Activating the inner pendulum will help you gain self-confidence, save time and develop your intuition at the same time

chemin de vie

Lack of self-confidence, doubts, fear of failure...

Your soul, which is also your inner guide, is the wisest, highest, most loving aspect of you. Knowing how to relate to it is a precious help to be guided on a daily basis towards the fairest, and to make the best choices in your life .

Your soul decided to incarnate, it had a project for your life. A project that she has carefully prepared with your Guides.

This project is what she wishes to experience, to heal, to accomplish, to offer to the world: Your unique contribution.


Being distant from one's life path sometimes gives the feeling of missing out on one's life, a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction, lack of meaning, without understanding why we are on earth, one does not feel in one's place and we suffer internally.

Obstacles accumulate but this is only done to show you that you are not on the right path.

Listening to your inner guide helps guide you in the right choices, which will allow you to help you truly move forward on your path.

To be connected to your inner guide, to follow your inner pendulum, is simply to reconnect to your own perceptions

It is by eliminating confusion or mental and spiritual fog that a revelation appears.

Who has never said "Yes, that's it! I have the answer!

Welcoming your inner guide is like making room to welcome a guest.

It is to dissolve mass in the physical sense of the term.

This is why during this treatment, I will communicate to you and activate tools to better anchor you in your life, in your path of existence.

Le Pendule intérieur c'est quoi ?

During the session I will install this tool which will allow you to have

answers in a particularly simple and fast way.


Your body will swing like a divinatory pendulum.


You will have a well-defined body sway for the yes and for the no.

This will allow you to have quick answers, especially to know if something is right and good or not for you.

Imagine that you are offered 2 jobs but you don't know which one to choose, because your mind is starting to act up and your doubts settle in you with a thousand questions:

"Did I  make the right choice? "Does this new post really suit me?" ...

With your inner pendulum, which is connected to your divine part, therefore your soul, knows  exactly what is best for you. 

Indeed, your soul knows your life path and all it wants is for it to go smoothly.

This tool will be activated in you for life, the more you use it the more you will gain self-confidence, save time and develop your intuition.

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olympe thiant énergéticienne mediumnique sophrologue hypnothérapeute

Course of the session

Before the start of the session:

1 hour before your session I will channel myself in order to connect with your guides and your guardian angel


They will communicate to me the points on which you should work and those to put forward to deploy your full potential.

Therefore it will be necessary to communicate to me when making an appointment:

  • Your first name

  • Your last name (your maiden name)

  • Your date of birth and place of birth


  • Connecting and cleansing your body

During this first part of the treatment, I will continue my connection  with your soul so that it delivers me new  points of your life such as:

-your functioning, your habits

-Your potentials or those that you have not exploited enough
- Your weaknesses, your fears, your traumas....
-The karmic memories or blockages you are experiencing

- Release of potential energies blocking you on your way of life….

I will also carry out certain rebalancing and necessary energy adjustments as well as calming the mind and rooting...

  • Auric healing, healing your aura

During the second part of the treatment, I will perform an auric treatment to repair energy leaks, consolidate breaches... in your aura and its subtle bodies.

The aura is the energetic envelope that surrounds your physical body.

It is made up of different bodies.

This treatment is ideal for consolidating your entire energy structure, while starting a work of karmic understanding on your life mission. This work will continue over time on you after the session.

The main alterations of the aura are:

- Aura shifts,

- Leaks in the aura,

- The interference of the aura.

    The harmonization of the aura allows to:

    -Realign the aura to the physical body,

    -Rebalancing the entire energy system,

    -Release memories and blockages (brakes in the evolution of our life).


      • The activation of your inner pendulum  (the body swing tool)

      Finally, I will activate your inner pendulum

      This  activation will allow you to connect with your inner guide

      I will give you the key tools to question your inner guide as well as the different ways that your guide will communicate with you by offering you a small booklet



      Once the energy treatment is over, we will take a moment to discuss and share and we go through the booklet together.

      I will explain to you in more detail in the booklet, the 2 tools to communicate with your soul. 

      • the inner pendulum (practice and theory)

      • How to Communicate, Receive and Be Receptive to the Messages Our Soul Sends Us

      My goal is to accompany you in your personal and spiritual development…

      I will stay in touch with you beyond the care for any questions.

      What the treatment includes

      • Message from your Guides and Guardian Angel

      • The reconnection treatment

      • the practice of the inner pendulum

      • an explanatory booklet

      If you wish, you can ask your guides for new advice at any time 

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