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These are extraordinary aids that can help release certain blockages and therefore regain mental, bodily or emotional health.


You will be your own therapist

Personal Development  

  Learning and Practices of energy care with the Sacred Rays on you and on others

You will be able to transmit this initiation in turn at the end of the 2 initiations

The sacred rays are a therapy for oneself and for others!

The more you call on the sacred rays, the more you will work on them and activate them, this will lead you to fulfillment, balance, harmony.


The regular use of these rays therefore leads to a profound positive change in your behavior and your life.

The practice of the rays brings inner transformations which can sometimes be disturbing for a short time.

Indeed, a release of fears or old patterns of beliefs can lead to tears or release anger that has been well hidden for ages.


A person who has worked on them for a long time may feel the power of the rays less strongly than a person who has a lot to eliminate.


Only by experiencing these rays can you understand their might and power.


We talk about personal development and reconnecting to your self .

​ It is important to know that the rays are working tools, in agreement with the angels, the archangels and the ascended masters .


Each sacred ray   is governed by Ascended Masters who are masters of energy integrity. An Archangel is responsible for ensuring the distribution of energies

The Benefits (non  exhaustive list)

  • Consolidate a fracture

  • resolve

  • Restore strength to a sick person

  • Act on moments of fatigue, exhaustion by restoring strength: Regain energy

  • Work on the mind on the thoughts

  • Balance, soothe thoughts

  • Allow mental decluttering

  • take a step back

  • Aid in discernment

  • Work on memory

  • The ability to learn

  • soften a situation

  • Give love to those who lack it

  • to use whenever there is a lack of love

  • Release from emotional indifference

  • promote loving and caring relationships

  • Revaluation of self and dignity

  • To send to people who have dark, nostalgic thoughts and a reduced desire to live

  • purify a situation

  • Purify a wound

  • Calm inflammation (painkiller)

  • Family agreement, people (bring peace in case of conflict)

  • Calm, reassure and soothe (balance the emotions we feel)

  • mental relief

  • Anti stress

  • Bring harmony to a place, project or group


13 rayons sacrés Initiations
Formations 7 rayons sacrés en présentiel et a distance


(Duration 1 morning)

  • Definition of Sacred Rays

  • The first 7 sacred rays

  • Decrees of connection to the 7 sacred rays

  • Use of Sacred Rays

  • Activation of the 7 sacred rays

  • Rebalancing your chakras

       (+ un soin énergétique si besoin et _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        avec votre accord)

  • Meditation / grounding

  • the booklet that will be given to you 

  • Certificate 

  • Musical audios 

formation 6 rayons sacrés en présentiel et a distance
Formations 6 Rayons sacrés en présentiel et a distance


(Duration 1 morning)


  • Debriefing of the first 7 sacred rays

  • Decrees of connection to the 6 complementary sacred rays

  • Protocol of the 13 Sacred Rays

  • Use of the Sacred Rays on others and at a distance

  • Sacred Ray Therapy

  • The Gloves of Light

  • Rebalancing your chakras 

  • Meditation / grounding

  • Care for others practices

  • the booklet that will be given to you 

  • Certificate as practitioner and teacher

formation 7 rayons sacrés seine et marne en présentiel et a distance
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