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Usui Reiki Trainings

Learnings and Practices

of Energy Care  Personal Development

Formation Reiki Usui Seine et marne, Essonne et Ile de France (77 91 IDF)

Reiki Usui  is a gentle method by laying on of hands to heal physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki is not learned, it is transmitted from the teacher to the student. 

The recipient reconnects to their own healing faculties .

No particular prerequisites, Reiki initiation is open to everyone.

Everyone is able to train in Traditional Usui Reiki in order to practice it. 

Reiki is not based on a gift that we have, but on your regular learning.

I offer training to open your channels so that you can yourself be able to practice these treatments.

The teaching of Reiki has been divided into 4 independent Degrees.

Everyone can therefore adapt their learning path according to their needs, their time...

Reiki -formation et soin Reiki seine et marne olympe thiant Les sens de vie

Reiki is an unconventional medicine, of Japanese origin, based on energy healing by laying on of hands. It is an ancient technique, developed by a Japanese monk, Doctor Mikao Usui (1865-1926) from Buddhist scriptures. This method was rediscovered around 1920, in Japan, by Doctor Mikao Usui, who carried out a study of the Tibetan sutras, 2500 years old. He gave it the name Reiki. He founded a Reiki clinic in Tokyo. It was only in 1937 that he arrived in the West, via Hawaii.

Reiki is an energy healing technique by which it is possible to channel and transmit de  energy and information to a person or to oneself by laying on of hands to activate a process natural healing.  


It is a practice aimed at physical well-being and spiritual fulfillment, intended for men and women of today.

The Reiki practitioner does not work with his own energy but channels the Energy as well as all information conveyed with it.


The exact meaning of REI-KI is composed of two elements:


The syllable  REI   which represents one of the aspects of the universal energy of life, present in everything and around us.  


The syllable  KI   well known in the world of martial arts. KI is the internal energy, the life force of every human being, also known as "CHI" for the Chinese or "PRANA" for the Hindus.


Le  REI – KI  is therefore the principle that allows us to connect our own energy to the abundance of Universal energy. Practicing REIKI therefore amounts to “Capturing and Channeling” Universal energy.


Reiki is simple and accessible to everyone. It is a natural method allowing first of all a work on oneself.

To start with Reiki is to offer yourself a wonderful gift. Then begins a long and beautiful path leading us towards the harmonization of our being as a whole (physical, mental, emotional).

Mikao Usui used to say that Reiki represents the art of inviting happiness into your life!


Reiki, engages us in a process of emotional purification, allowing, as our work progresses, the restarting of an optimal energy circulation in our various physical and subtle bodies while raising our vibratory rate.

Reiki means " Universal Life Force ". This system allows a practitioner to easily channel this energy of love and pour it out with a touch of light onto the body. The practice of this technique makes it possible to apply a natural vital energy in a systematic treatment which covers all the organs of the body.

It is commonly practiced in several countries.


It is worked in conjunction with traditional and alternative medicine. Under no circumstances should it replace or modify your medical treatment. Reiki is a technique of well-being and is not a medical or paramedical practice. For any problem related to your health, please always consult your doctor first, who is the only approved referent.



The Virtues of Reiki


Reiki acts on all levels: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual , it is a method that helps healing in a holistic way, extremely simple and pleasant.

  • Reiki strengthens and accelerates the natural process of self-healing, boosts vitality and releases energy blockages.

  • It strengthens the immune system,

  • It increases physical resistance.

  • It helps in the elimination of toxins.

  • It restores psychic harmony and the well-being of the soul,

  • It changes the structure of the body by facilitating cell regeneration.

  • It regulates the energy system,

  • It dissolves blockages and promotes total relaxation,

  • It increases well-being, energy, consciousness,

  • It relaxes and eliminates stress,

  • It adapts to the recipient's natural needs,

  • It also acts on animals, plants and situations,

  • It promotes relaxation, provides peace, serenity and deep joy.

  • It heightens perception at a very subtle level.

* Reiki  helps the dying to free themselves from the external bonds that bind them to the earth

Formations REIKI Usui du niveau 1 au niveau 4. Olympe THIANT Les Sens de Vie Energéticienne
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