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Lahochi 13th Octave



You will be able to pass on this initiation and practice energy healing on others.

The Lahochi of the 13th OCTAVE

The Traditional LAHOCHI teaching was transmitted to Satchamar, on May 15, 1991, by Master LAHOCHI (Lao Tseu, contemporary of Confucius and Buddha, he is considered the founding father of Taoism)

Then, completed new positions in 2001, via the channel of Linda Dillon (Canada), it becomes the LaHoChi of the 13th Octave: Gift of the spiritual hierarchies made to the New Man, to accelerate the creation of his New World.

It is the energy of the Council of Love: 13 Ascended Masters forming the core group and being under the good auspices of Masters St Germain and Lao Tseu, as well as the 7 main Archangels who make it different from the initial form . Also added are the energies of the Violet Flame, the Blue Diamond of the Universal Mother Grid (for working with Sacred Geometry).

Archangel Raphael gives the following explanation: "The gift of the 13th Octave is the immediate and miraculous opening & healing of each heart".

Who Should Attend ?

  • For all people!

  • Alternative medicine professionals wishing to add a new technique to their practice

  • Reiki Practitioners and Masters

  • People wishing to discover a powerful energy healing technique to practice on themselves or others

The LaHoChi of the 13th Octave is accessible to all, without prerequisites.

You can train yourself to perform treatments on yourself or your loved ones. You can also complete your care activity with this energy healing system.

How is the training going?

The   training can be individual or in small groups (maximum 3 people), it takes place face-to-face, over half a day, at my office.
Upon completion of the training, you will be given Linda Dillon's original 13th Octave LaHoChi manual, along with your 13th Octave LaHoChi Practitioner & Teacher certificate.

If however you cannot move, the training can take place remotely under the same conditions, via zoom

What the training contains 


  • a manual

  • a plank for the call of the LaHoChi 13th Octave energy

  • a summary sheet for self-treatment

  • a summary sheet for treatment on others

  • a reminder of the functions of the chakras

  • as a bonus: activation of the violet flame in various situations

  • the practitioner and teacher certificate

What you will learn:

  • The story of LaHoChi 13th Octave

  • The benefits of LaHoChi 13th Octave

  • The specificities of the LaHoChi 13th Octave

  • How to Invoke LaHoChi 13th Octave Energy

  • How to self-treat

  • How to Perform a Treatment on Others

  • How to work remotely with this energy

  • How to transmit this energy to others (teaching)

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