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reiki usui - initiation reiki niveau 3
Formation Reiki 3 (77 91 IDF)

This third degree reinforces the two previous ones

Learning a new symbol


This training at degree 3 increases the efficiency of the care given with the new symbol 

The key to Reiki being presence and consciousness, the initiate must master all the teachings and have accomplished a deep interior work of personal evolution. He must also have practiced and learned to think about his practice.

Thanks to the transmission of the new symbol, this level makes it possible to bridge the gap between the embodied reality and the spiritual plane. It opens the way to a deep evolution of being as well as to deep liberations.

In summary

The connection is even more amplified than in the second degree

During the training day, I teach you:

  • Revisions of the previous 2 degrees , exchanges on experiences

  • master symbol learning 

  • complete techniques with the symbol

  • During this day, you will receive 2 transmissions 

I offer one-day training in small groups of up to 3 people or individually.

A Certificate validating the course and a teaching manual will be given to you at the end of the course.

Following the training, I will be available for any questions!

Formation REIKI (77 91 IDF)
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