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7 Sacred Rays

Blue Ray

It is that of the divine will, of action and audacity, of confidence, of protection

Yellow Ray

It is that of wisdom, reflection, high thoughts, it soothes and purifies the thoughts, the mind, the Ego in order to allow us to clarify our decisions and find quick and intelligent solutions.

pink ray

It is that of unconditional divine love. Ray of conciliators, lovers of life, diplomats and mediators, of love for oneself and for others

White Ray 

It is that of the purity of intentions, the clarity of actions, the purity of everything. It is important to purify ourselves regularly and eliminate from our lives negativity, false beliefs, harmful attitudes, routines, bad energies accumulated over our incarnations, in short everything that does not reflect our Divine Being.

Green Ray 

It is that of health and prosperity, of healing, of fluidity. It is a balancing and calming energy that will help you dissolve all the dissonances, the distortions that you have created. This ray can heal all areas of your life that require transformation.

The Gold and Ruby Ray 

It is that of peace, family love, vocations and fraternal mutual aid. Radius of peacemakers, mutual aid associations, family, missionaries.

purple ray

It is that of transformation, alchemy, transcendence, invocative rhythms and freedom. Ray of mystics, alchemists and all those who want to evolve towards the light and ascend. the transmutation of all negative energies into positive ones


13 Rayons sacrés- Formations
13 rayons sacrés formation

The 6 Complementary Rays

Golden Saffron Ray

It is the ray of Higher Knowledge and Pure Life Consciousness. It amplifies divine wisdom. It promotes understanding of his incarnation, his life mission and the path of his destiny. It frees from the grip of the Ego, doubts and hesitations. It allows to be more in harmony with the Source (the Divine). It completes and amplifies the Yellow Ray.

Pearly Silver Ray

  It is the ray of Love of Life & expression and acceptance of one's femininity. It rebalances the energy of Yin and Yang. It develops and balances our femininity for both women and men. It accompanies pregnant women, supports pregnancies and facilitates childbirth. It also accompanies the spiritual development of children. It complements and amplifies the Rose Ray.

Ray Crystal Diamond

It is the ray of Transparency and Connection to one's Body of Light. It de-crystallizes in depth any impurity present in us. It releases everything that prevents us from radiating freely. It leads us to the understanding of our cosmic origin, the crystalline structure of our DNA, Sacred Geometry or even the Flower of Life. It promotes connection   to crystals and understanding their power.

It complements and amplifies the White Ray.

Turquoise Ray 

It is the ray of Benevolence and Compassion. He brings compassion humility and indulgence. It facilitates reconciliation with oneself and others. It makes it possible to understand  the trials, burdens, sufferings and tests of Life and to take action to overcome them and to  live them better. It leads to the acceptance of its incarnation. It complements and amplifies the Green Ray.

golden gold ray

  This is the ray of the expression of Paternal Love. It is the Yang ray, it represents the masculine, the father. It develops and makes it possible to accept its  masculine part for both men and women. It develops the power of energetic healing for oneself and for others. It promotes connection with all forms of Life (visible and invisible). It develops and amplifies the spirit of mutual aid and inter-generational support between peoples and within the same family. It allows the understanding of the multiplicity of the signs of Life. It complements and amplifies the Golden Ruby Ray.

starry bluish black ray

  This is the ray of Total Liberation and Reconnection to one's Body of Light. It facilitates the understanding and acceptance that the Light exists everywhere and even in the shadow areas. It releases involuntary programs. It leads to understanding our power of creation and the functioning of thoughts and emotions. It favors the comprehension of the origin of such or such test in order to be able to free oneself from it (karma). It completes and amplifies the Violet Ray.

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