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In summary

reiki usui - initiation reiki niveau 4

You become a REIKI USUI Master Teacher

Formation Reiki 4 (77 91 IDF)

This level is that of Master-teacher . It allows to have the title of Teacher of the 4 levels.

The initiate makes a commitment to teach Reiki in respect of the teaching he himself received and in the tradition of Reiki according to Usui.

It is a level where the mission of being , that of teaching, is expressed. This requires having done deep work on oneself and being in a posture of absolute humility.

Knowledge is checked there and the initiation protocol is transmitted.

In summary

The connection is even more amplified

During the training day, I teach you:

  • Revisions of the previous 3 degrees , exchanges on experiences

  • learning symbols how to draw and use them. 

  • complete techniques with symbols

  • Initiation procedure  of all Reiki degrees using the new symbols

  • Complete care 

  • Learn how to formulate a goal and how to work on the mind

  • Harmonize the chakras even more easily and effectively

  • Do even more powerful remote work

  • Learn and pass on the water ritual

  • You will be able to reinforce the 1st and  2nd degree initiations even more through the use of the new symbols

I offer one-day training in small groups of up to 3 people or individually.

A Certificate validating the course and a teaching manual will be given to you at the end of the course.

Following the training, I will be available for any questions!

Formation REIKI (77 91 IDF)
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